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What Is SecureDrawer?
SecureDrawer is an online, client portal service designed to make sharing data fast, easy, and safe.  SecureDrawer Can upload, download, manage, and share large file documents to small file documents (images and media) securely for an affordable price.  It works by sending documents using the internet to a secure server, that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.  The reason to invest in SecureDrawer is becasue it is safer than email, easier than FTP and faster then standard mail.  Purchase SecureDrawer at our online store.

- User in-box permissions
- File expiration

- Shared drawers
- Custom branding

- SSL data encryption 

- SAS70 II Data Center

- No Contracts      

- Much More
eFileCabinet Users

- Search client and select documents you want to send.

- Right click on document, scroll and select SecureDrawer.

- Login screen will pop-up, enter your information.

- Search for party you want documents sent    too.

- Click name and click select.

- Documents are uploaded quickly.
Have Any Questions?
Contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions reguarding SecureDrawer that you might have about how it can help your business.  Contact Us Today

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