eFileCabinet provides a rock solid solution to your paper problems.

eFileCabinet's feature rich, yet affordable electronic document management system makes it easy to scan paper documents, archive email, and manage business-critical files in a secure database repository.  No matter the industry, eFileCabinet delivers customized paperless solutions that help businesses gain a competitive advantage by working more efficiently and collaboratively. Purchase eFileCabinet at our online store. 

eFileCabinet allows you to Capture manage, and Protect any electronic documents.
-Scanned paper documents become electronic in seconds.

-Seamless integration with  Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook.

-Store any computer generated file quickly and easily.
-Access, update, and share electronic files with a simple click.

- File organization templates for dozens of industries.

-Audit tracking and role based permission groups.
-Customized tools to help you meet industry specific regulatory compliance.

-Advanced file encryption for an extra layer of security.

-Available online backup service protects business-critical data against system failure and natural disaster.
eFileCabinet is part of the going green movement.  Are YOU?
A Deeper Look Inside:
Advanced File encryption.
Embedded PDF viewer and available PDF editor..
Available OCR engine allowing document level full text searching.
Customized tools to help you meet HIPAA requirements.
Sophisticated security features including permission based groups and audit trail.
Flexible licensing options - concurrent software usage.
Dynamic document check-in, check-out system.
Email files with built in passwords for enhanced security.
Concentsus, a service of eFileCabinet, makes online backup secure, flexible and affordable, incorporating innovative technology into a robust, easy-to-use solution.  Concentsus online backup provides a simple, straight-forward way for users to store their valuable documents, photos, and music files in a reliable, off-site location.  Concentsus delivers total data security with advanced encryption and superior performance for home, small business and enterprise users.
Is your paper weighing you down?

James N. Filicetti, CPA
Certified QB Pro Advisor

Jim Bitzan, ECMP

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